New Barnyard Millet Flour Mix

Net Weight -400gms

This Farm Fresh product  Barnyard Millet Flour Mix increases the immune level of your Family & Children and makes them Healthy & Strong & also saves your time. It’s a Ready-mix that You can prepare and serve it very easily to your family members & neighbors.

Health Benefits of Barnyard Millet Flour Mix 

1.     Barnyard Millet Flour Mix for diabetics peoples

The high dietary fiber and low carbohydrate content of barnyard millet make it a low glycemic index food. Hence, it can be basically recommended for patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2.     Barnyard Millet Flour Mix for weight loss

Adding this wonderful grain to the diet decreases the intake of calories and aids weight loss naturally without any side effect.

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Barnyard Millet Flour Mix

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